Out of the Wild, Wild West comes guitarist, singer and songwriter, Gary Small. Small is also a Native American and a tribal member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe of Montana. The same "Fighting Cheyenne's" that helped to put General George Armstrong Custer in his rightful place in history, at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

Small currently headquaters in Portland Oregon, where more great musicians per capita reside than Starbucks Coffeeshops in Seattle. However, Small has proven he can run with the best. So much so, that a few of Portland's most notable have joined in the Gary Small Band ranks. Most notable is the 12 year veteran drummer of Santana, Graham Lear. Others may include long time conguero for Joe Cocker, Bobby Torres, and when schedules permit, Diana Ross Keyboardist, George Mitchell.

What sets this long black haired, guitar slinger apart from the rest of the wolf pack of American guitarists? His upbringing and his love and dedication to Indian people and Native culture plays a large part. Add this to the fact that Small's guitar style has a melodic and vocal like quality that can rival the infamous Carlos Santana. We doubt that the most long lived Santana drummer, Graham Lear, would be contributing his incredible drum prowess if he though otherwise.

Hot off the heels of a great blues CD "Cheyenne Blue Revisited" come's Small's new roots rock and reggae CD, (not suprisingly, entitled "Wild Indians". In a nutshell, get ready for Bob Marley with Carlos sitting in on guitar. Let's also add Small's Native American insight of a magnitude that will leave the less learned non-Indian population reeling with curiosity regarding the history and culture of America's indiginous people. The kind of curiosity that Bob Marley brought to the music scene when he sang of the trials and tribulations of his native Jamaica. Just listen to the cut "Angry Song", the story of Small's father who was taken away to a deplorable Nebraska Bureau of Indian Affairs boarding school at age seven. Angry Song is a wake up call to all who's knowledge of American Indian history is totally derived from Holly Wood media.

Small's live show takes the listener on a musical journey of blues (this is no rock-guitarist trying to play blues tunes, he is the real thing, just check out his blues cd) roots reggae, Latin, cajun. and basically any music where percussion has a major role in the music. Small states, "I try and surround myself with the best percussionists I can find. I am drawn to it. The first music I can remember was an Indian drum group. Nothing but singers and a big drum. I guess I never got over it!!!"

Gary Small Releases Long Awaited Native Recording "Wild Indians" CD (For immediate Press Release)
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